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Spectra Outdoor LED Displays

Brand: Spectra

Spectra's LED Video Displays are designed to meet customer specific requirements. We can provide full colour, tri-colour and single colour LED Video Displays for both indoor and outdoor applications. The design of the LED Video display is solid state(i.e. no moving parts) and is manufactured as simply as possible to ensure easy operation, installation, maintenance and a design life of many years.

The Module

The standard LED Video module is manufactured from aluminium. The outdoor LED Video modules are IP55 rated, with a matt black finish. Each module is supplied with power/data cables internally. There are no external cables. Data is received by the display and distributed among the individual modules.

LED Video Data Input

Spectra's LED Video Displays accept DVI-D video data from a PC or similar. The images are flicker free as the LED Display maps the data it is sent pixel for pixel.

When controlled by a PC, the LED Video Display can either be mapped to a portion of the primary screen, or set as a secondary screen. We supply PC software which allows you to play and schedule videos, text and graphics etc. It is possible to split the screen into several sections and show different things in each.

Colour Resolution

Super high speed data buses and highly integrated microchips enable real time processing of 24 bits per pixel (for full colour LED video) providing high picture quality and colour resolution of 16,777,216 colours for brilliant, high contrast display images. A 100Hz based video system ensures an absolutely flicker-free display. The control system, which uses constant current drivers for each LED, ensures uniform brightness over the whole of the LED Video Display. 

Energy Saving

The control system used also considerably reduces the power consumption over statically driven LEDs. This should be taken into account when looking at the purchasing cost, particularly for displays intended for continuous operation. On account of low power consumption, our LED Video Displays require no additional cooling other than the small fan incorporated into the modules. 

A wide reading angle with optimum contrast ratio is ensured by using moulded block clusters with the LEDs on a black background. The high surface brightness of the LED clusters on the module guarantees excellent visibility. The LED video display offers needle sharp luminous characters and video without afterglow. The optional brightness control adjusts the display to the ambient brightness automatically. 

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