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Red Lion CL05 Paradigm Terminal Interface

Brand: Red Lion

The Paradigm operator interface Model CL05 was designed to meet the industrial demands of application power, versatility, reliability, and ease of use.

The CL05 has provision, common to all Paradigm Family products, allowing for future product upgrades as new options and capabilities are developed.


Event Driven Configuration Tool Edict 97, an extremely powerful Windows 95/3.11 based software program, provides for the intuitive configuration of every aspect of the operator interface’s behavior. The requirement for time consuming PLC ladder logic is drastically reduced by the unique event driven approach of EDICT 97.

The capability of this program, in conjunction with the PLC and the Paradigm operator interface unit, ensures a great deal of advanced functionality for your system. This powerful PLC/Paradigm system provides many of the capabilities and features normally associated with the more complicated and costly PC/SCADA systems.

Display pages are easily generated, including PLC and internal variables, text strings, or bar charts. All dynamic elements are also available as alarms, recipes, triggers, and reports, for the run time software.

After completion of the programming, the program is directly downloaded to the operator interface from your PC, without any compiling or saving requirement. When you require a change in your program, EDICT 97 loads only the change, not the entire program, saving valuable on-line time.

Dynamic Display Page Elements

Each display page has provisions to show static and dynamic information, including data variables, text messages, time, and date.

Data Variables can be either PLC derived or internally generated, either in data entry or display only mode. The Paradigm unit has an extremely powerful math capability, allowing the operator to manipulate the variables to meet the specific application’s demands. If required, the display can be formatted to BCD, binary, hex, floating point, and string. Upper and lower limits of data entry variables are fully supported and able to be password protected.

Text Message Animation enables several different types of animated text from a local or global message table to be displayed. The message displayed is dependent on the condition of the particular controlling expression. The controlling expression may be a PLC bit level, a timer value, preset counter condition, or any one of a wide variety of message triggers.

Time and Date in the Paradigm unit has the capability to display in any combination of year, month, day, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Bar Graphs in horizontal format are easily attached to data variables. The partial or full length bar graph displays can be scaled and offset to optimize the required display effect.


The password protection scheme provides the ultimate in tamper-proof capability. Access can be limited on a unit, page, recipe, or even individual data entries.


The Paradigm unit can monitor and log from 100 to 500 alarms, depending on model. Such triggers as a simple bit level transition, a PLC coil activation, or a complex application algorithm can activate an alarm. The alarms can be time and date stamped, with an automatic screen display and/or downloading to a printer for hard copy recording purposes.

Real Time Schedule

Real time schedule allows for repetitive or one time task to take place in the system. Typically a schedule action similar to...At 1:55 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, print the production report...is required in the application. In conjunction with the recipe capabilities, a downloading of a special recipe can be requested by the real time schedule feature.

User Programs

This feature offers the user the ability to incorporate custom application requirements via a powerful program language. For example, a program designated “Calculate Volume” which determines the amount of fluid in a round tank at specific temperatures could be created. This program would be triggered to run and display each time the page denoted as “Volume Now” is requested.

The ability to customize to your application’s specialized needs is easily solved with the user program capability.

Keyboard Editing

All the interface keys can be programmed to perform virtually unlimited functions with each key, having multiple actions assigned to three types of key events: key pressed, key held down (auto repeat), and key released. Typical key actions would be Go to page, set value, load recipe, view alarms, print report, and many more.


With over 70 communication drivers available, the Paradigm operator interface offers a wide range of connectivity including: PLCs, Variable Speed Drives, Temperature Controllers, Bar Code Readers, etc.

Utilizing real PLC data references, the automatic comms configuration optimizes the system’s communication performance. In the event that your specific driver does not appear on the Paradigm drivers list, let us know, as this list is always being expanded to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Red Lion CL05 Paradigm Terminal Interface

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