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US-235 Small Profile USB 1 Port RS232


  • Our smallest form factor USB to Serial
  • High retention USB connector for an unshakeable connection
  • Comes with 0. 5m USB cable
  • Works where many other USB to Serial devices do not
  • Industrial Specification: IP-50
  • -40°C to +80°C/-40°F to +176°F


Ultra small USB to serial adapter suitable for any environment. Have confidence, this product will match whatever baud rate your equipment needs without data loss. Includes large 512 Byte TxD and RxD FIFOs supporting high data throughput at high baud rates. Works across the full spectrum of baud rates up to 921,600 including standard and arbitrary values.

We provide our own software drivers - eliminating many common problems with USB to Serial - giving you have a reliable, stable, native com port solution.

“I have tried many off the shelf USB to Serial adapters. Some break easily, others only work some of the time. Brainboxes installed in seconds and could communicate with anything I threw at it, I would recommend this device to anyone.” - Colin Young, Nutek Europe

  • US-235 Small Profile USB 1 Port RS232

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