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Red Lion FlexEdge with HDMI

Brand: Red Lion

FlexEdge with HDMI, powered by Red Lion’s Crimson® software for our FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Platform, lets you create real-time productivity scoreboards quickly and effortlessly.

Our Crimson software makes it easy to set up simple applications using a step-by-step process to configure communications protocols and define data tags for access.

By utilising the onboard HDMI port and the Crimson's user-friendly configuration capabilities, it’s easy to develop and deploy customised dashboards to a smart TV. Adapt the displays to meet your specific requirements using Crimson’s advanced programming capabilities.

FlexEdge with HDMI, powered by Crimson, gives you easier, more powerful ways to access and visualize your data:

  • Directly collect data from devices such as PLCs, drives, barcode scanners and more. Map data to PLCs, PCs and SCADA systems with a simple no-code, drag-and-drop interface to allow a Siemens® PLC to communicate with an Allen Bradley® drive in mere seconds.
  • Use the built-in graphics library, with over 5,000 drag-and-drop elements to visually represent your application, including tanks, gauges and other industrial graphics choices.
  • Sync your data to FTP servers and with MS SQL Servers to send information where it needs to go.
  • Set up alerts for important events using the built-in mail manager, which sends notifications to one or more specified recipients via email, with attached reports or logged data files.
  • Use the built-in Cloud Connectors to link your productivity application data to one or multiple cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, Cumulocity, Sparkplug, Aveva or other MQTT brokers.

FlexEdge with HDMI also makes it easier to develop and deploy productivity dashboards with included sample productivity templates. You can choose from up to six commonly used templates which are available as demo databases in the Crimson software. 

Sample productivity templates include:

  • Process Status 
  • Cumulative Work Cell Status
  • Andon Board
  • Production Run
  • Safety 
  • Line Down Warning

When you upgrade to FlexEdge with HDMI, you can take advantage of advanced configuration, IT-mandated security features and improved operational efficiencies:

  • Speed up application development time with FlexEdge’s export/import feature for device configurations, allowing templated configurations to be saved and shared as JSON files.
  • Device Personalities reduce time spent on creating custom application databases by enabling dynamic changes to device configurations after deployment.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools allow for quick troubleshooting with Wireshark capture tool, to track Connection status, Active Network routes, etc.
  • IT-mandated password policies and RADIUS authentication ensure secure access to your system, while OPC-UA Public/Private data features offer authorised connections separate access to private data.
  • Manage your entire fleet of FlexEdge devices with the SixView Manager Client, and use Cloud Connectors to send data to the cloud with ease.
  • The system web server allows for real-time diagnostics and configuration changes via web access.

  • Red Lion FlexEdge with HDMI

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