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ED-538 ETHERNET TO Digital IO Relay


  • 8 Digital Inputs and 4 Form A Relays
  • Drives high current and high voltage loads
  • Ideal for inductive, capacitive & resistive loads
  • Factory floor process control and automation
  • Network enable your NuDAM/ADAM modules
  • -40oC to +80oC Temperature range
  • +5V to +30V DC Input Power


Grounding: Correctly wired grounds help cut down on electromagnetic interference 5 pin terminals allow a ground on the 5th pin of each block Functional earth connection to the DIN rail.

Relay: A relay is an electrically operated switch used to control a circuit by a low-power signal giving complete electrical isolation between the control and the controlled circuits. Relays are often used where several circuits must be controlled by one signal.

Gateway RS485 Serial Port: Half duplex RS485 port allows connection and control of industry-standard NuDAM, eDAM, and ADAM modules using ASCII protocols.

Wide Range Redundant Dual Power Input: +5VDC to +30VDC accommodates variation in the +24VDC factory floor and allows alternative power sources. A second power supply can be fitted as a backup to prevent downtime should one power source fail.

Power from any USB Port: Can use 5 Volt power from any computer USB port via optional accessory cable PW-650. Useful for configuring the device from a laptop in the field.

Watchdog feature: Allows independent known good states to be set for power up, comms link watchdog and hardware watchdog. Programmable time range allows full control.

Signed Drivers and Rigorous testing: Our software allows hassle free installation, configuration and monitoring via our easy to use webpage. The software gives local COM ports that are backwards compatible enabling legacy applications and the device to work with a myriad of different 3rd party software. 

Lifetime Warranty and Support: We can help with every aspect of your project, from getting you up and running to custom applications.
  • ED-538 ETHERNET TO Digital IO Relay

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